At FNS, we appriciate and understand your many wealth and preservation concerns, as well as the daily challenges of living in today's ecomonically senitive society.

The "Baby Boomer" generation is beginning to retire, and its members have increasingly higher life expectancies. According to demographic studies, members of this generation currently make up about 27% of the total population and have a life expectancy of 75.6 for males and 80.8 for females. More and more of these individuals are requiring assistance in the planning of their finances because whatever nest egg that they have accumulated, must last for much longer. As this generation transitions into the retirement phase, they must understand that they cannot be as dependent on funding from social security as the fortunate generations of the past were able to. Currently, the population within this generation outnumbers the amount of contributors to the social security fund that are within younger ones. According to the Social Security Administration, Social Security will only provide approximately 40% of the income one will need for a comfortable retirement, furthermore, company pension plans are no longer the dependable source of income they were once considered. These major factors have put the burden of the proper planning that is needed to have a comfortable retirement personally on the shoulders of each individual.

Due to uncontrollable economic factors and the impact of programs such as Quantitative Easing, historically popular fixed income vehicles such as Certificate of Deposit and Money Market accounts are not able to offer the types of conservatively lucrative returns as they once could. If an investor chooses to rely mainly on such vehicles for safety and stabilization in low interest rate environments like today, they may face inflation risk, which basically means that the rate of inflation may be equal or greater than the amount of interest that that investor is earning within that fixed product. The main ambition of the FNS model is to offer a solution that may help your portfolio outpace the rate of inflation through minimal volatility, and performance that is not directly correlated to the movements within the traditional market.


is to ensure that an investment in FNS will help aide you and your family in achieving financial security and stability today, and from now on.

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