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The FNS model was designed by its Principals to achieve performance in spite of uncertain economic conditions by taking advantage of the unique opportunities that exist within today's real estate sector. FNS along with its affiliates works with banking institutions, cities, and communities to provide affordable housing solutions for primarily working class families, and fixed income vehicles for our investors. We do work similar to many nonprofits, but as for-profit corporation we are able to continually reinvest in communities in around the country. We concentrate our development efforts mainly in the Mid-Western region where we feel there is prime opportunity in terms of supply and valuation, and where market volatility traditionally tends to be more serene in relation to more popular areas.

Present day market data clearly demonstrates that the municipalities chosen by FNS for development have been able to maintain strong values (in terms of housing) in spite of the recent economic decline that has plagued so many areas of the nation, and yet one could easily argue that today's values are closer to a bottom than they are to a top. The peak values previously attained in the last decade (prior to the downturn) within this selected constituency, along with the many new federal and state economic initiatives already in motion in these regions suggest that there is a good deal of opportunity for values to appreciate in the near future.

When it comes to our developments, we engage the most talented and highly respected contractors and rehabilitation specialists to ensure that each property exceeds regional standards, as our commitment is to continued excellence.

To further diversify our model, FNS also serves as a holding company for several sales affiliates that represent a group of companies who offer a rich portfolio of premier Insurance and Impaired Risk products that help individuals and corporations across the nation to achieve financial security and peace of mind. These subsidiaries manage over $145 million in assets, and work with only AM Best-Rated institutions that rank amongst the most competitive and financially stable insurance organizations in their industry.The performance and production of these FNS affiliates serve as an attractive and necessary compliment to the overall success of the company's model.
We at FNS fully understand that our nation's financial system has undergone many historic changes in recent years, and that the future path seems to remain unclear. Our model's ultimate purpose and desire is to provide a formidable solution that will assist in supplementing your financial goals and objectives.

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